Things You Should Know Before Starting Your Own Dairy Homestead

Things You Should Know Before Starting Your Own Dairy Homestead

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Business Planning (SWOT Analysis): A lot of people take up dairy farming just for their sheer love for cows and buffaloes, but at the end of the day it is a business and it needs careful planning and attention. You need to chalk out a plan which will cover strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. Some questions that you should ask yourself as a dairy farm owner: How many cows am I going to invest in? How am I going to market the milk? What are my competitors doing? What can I learn from my competitors, what can I do better than them?


Consult the Experts: Their past experiences will always come in handy. You should discuss your plan with them and ask them to review it. Logical reviews like these will help your business grow and prosper.


Selecting the Breed: India is a house to a number of breeds which include the Sahiwal, Gir, Red Sindhi, Tharparka, and Rathi. Market research will help you zero down on the most popular and profitable breed. Top Veterinary Companies in India feel that you should always choose a breed that can be managed easily and has high milk producing capability. Always remember that lactation cycle of a cow is critical to milk production.


Feed them: Feed them high quality healthy Indian Veterinary Products to ensure proper growth and good health. You should also prepare nutritious fodder for a louder moooo, something which will keep their mood happy and cheerful.


Health System: You need to make sure that you have all health services in place. Make a list of all the medicines, injections, the food that you can easily mix medicines in and also vitamins and minerals for dairy cattle. Also keep in touch with a veterinarian and veterinary ambulance services.


Did you know?

Animal Health Product Manufacturers in India produce 1/4th of the world’s dairy animal medicines

  • Build a Proper Shelter: A shelter where your dairy animals will feel safe and protected at all times. Also a place which has good facilities for summer, monsoon and winter seasons.
  • Marketing Plan: Sound knowledge of business is extremely important, you need to be on the field to understand what marketing is all about. A plan which includes where you want to market your milk, how many tonnes do you plan to market, what is your monthly as well as yearly target.


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