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Starting your Poultry Farm

Starting your Poultry Farm

Poultry farming, if done right could prove to be an all-time successful business in the globe. Thousands of success stories have evolved in this arena and the credit should be given to the poultry owners who over the years have gained the knowledge and wisdom to do farming in just the right and healthy way.

This article will outline how you too can successfully start your own sweet poultry farm:

Select your Poultry Sector:  Poultry farming is a broad industry so it will be good if you narrow down which area you really want to focus on and really want to invest your precious time and money in. Generally, there are two types of the farming you can choose from – broilers and layers. Broilers are chicken that you raise for meat and layers are chicken that you raise for eggs.

Following are the riches that you can choose to pursue:

  • Egg Production
  • Meat Production
  • Egg and meat processing
  • Poultry feed production
  • Chicken Breeding


Shelter for your Farm Animals: You need to build a nice bird-friendly place where your poultry will feel protected in cold winters and at the same time, not feel too suffocated in harsh summers.


Select Poultry Farm Location or Site: You will have to very carefully select your farm location.  A place which has all facilities, is away from the chaos and hustle-bustle of the city and is also free from pollution. The location should  have all the necessary Indian Veterinary Products also have access to clean and safe drinking and bathing water and should  be free from farm predators, example: wild animals like Leopard, fox etc.


Choose the type of Bird: It’s just the beginning of a new business for you so it won’t be a good idea to invest in too many types of birds at once. You can choose from a variety of Duck, Goose, Quail, Guinea Fowl, Turkey, Pigeon, and Peacock for your poultry farm.


Hire Professionals: According to Veterinary Companies in India, There are so many aspects of poultry farming that can only be handled by experienced professionals who know the nuances and can take the onus of handling the farm with outmost sincerity, care and affection.


Feed Supplements:  Healthy poultry require a sufficient amount of protein and carbohydrates, along with the necessary vitamins, minerals, and an adequate supply of water. Veterinary Feed Supplements are those products that will provide all these nutrients in just the right amount.

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