Plant Trees for a Happy Farm

Plant Trees for a Happy Poultry Farm

November 21, 2019 Published by

Most of the disease pathogens of poultry diseases are present in the air. You need to understand that it is very important to give your hens a clean and healthy environment to grow and thrive so that they give you the best produce possible. It’s a bit of chaotic and messy atmosphere out there and you need to make sure that you bring in some kind of happy and positive vibes in your poultry farm.

Let’s have a look at why is it so important to plant trees around your poultry trees around your poultry farm:

  • CO2 and the Tree Connection: Trees capture large chunk of CO2 which is actually good for the environment that is already under the threat of global warming.


  • Shade for your Poultry Animals: Just like humans, animals too need protection from the scorching heat and sun. Good amount of tall trees along with quality Indian Veterinary Products will prove to be of immense help to your farm animals.


  • The Filter Benefit: Another important reason behind planting of trees is their ability to filter the odour, feathers; noise emitted from poultry operations and most importantly the harmful dust.


  • Increases Production Efficiency: Earlier, planting trees around poultry farms wasn’t pomoted that much as it would restrict the natural flow of air. But now, with growing problems of pollution, smoke, unclean air, it has become extremely important to plant trees that will immensely help in increasing better production efficiency.


Where should you exactly plant trees?

You should always try and plant trees on improved grassland patches or on former arable land. If both types of land aren’t available then Veterinary Product Manufacturers say you should check for those which don’t have any architectural features that would damage the trees.

What are the types of trees you should plant? 

A good look at your trees in the neighbourhood is the best way to decide which trees to plant around your farm along with feeding them Veterinary Feed Supplements  in India.

How should you plant the trees around the farm?

Tree planting in the poultry farm is often restricted by the location of sheds and the structure of your field, but there are ways you can design your planting to suit your site and your birds.

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