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Nutrition for Pet Animals

Nutrition for Pet Animals

We all love our pets. These little bundles of joy work wonders for our mental well-being. They give us warmth, love and comfort which sometimes, even we as fellow humans fail to give each other. The least we can do for them is feed them. Yes! Feed them healthy foods that will not cause lethargy and keep them active for most part of the day.

Let’s have a look at the different nutrients that Vet Pharma Companies in India recommend for pet animals:

  • Water: Water is the most important nutrition that your pet requires. Playing in the scorching sun with no water can cause dehydration. In fact, adult dogs need at least 60% of water on daily basis.


  • Fats: Fats are an essential part of your pet’s diet. Fats used in Indian Veterinary Products are easily digestible and something that will keep their tummies full for a long time.


  • Calcium & Phosphorous: Milk-based veterinary products from Veterinary Pharmaceutical Companies in India are extremely important for your pets. Calcium and phosphorus serve as structural components of the bones and the teeth and therefore they are important for blood coagulation, muscle contraction, secretion of hormones etc.


  • Proteins: Proteins are made up of amino acids and a dog’s body requires around 22 amino acids. Deficiencies of any of the amino acids over time can lead to serious health problems.


  • Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates provide energy, help in maintaining good digestive system and also affect the reproductive system of cats and dogs to a large extent.


  • Vitamins & Minerals: A balanced veterinary diet is incomplete without sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals. While Vitamin A is important for their eyes and furry skin, Vitamin D boosts immunity and keeps their bone and teeth healthy. Vitamin C is also extremely important for cartilage formation in the joints.

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