Let's Prepare a Good Stable for your Pet Horse

Let’s Prepare a Good Stable for your Pet Horse

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Excited to get a horse as a new pet in your family farmhouse? Before you step out to buy grooming essentials, equipment and winter care products for them, you should sit down and strategically chalk out a plan to build and give your pet horse a stable he deserves.

You should also read about idea and tips on how to take care of your pet horse.

In this article, we are going to take you through main tips and tricks behind preparing that perfect stable for your pet horses, let’s design a stable that’s well-equipped and completely safe for your pet. 


  • Let’s Position the Stables Properly: Positioning your stable at correct place is extremely important. You need to strategically put it at a place where there isn’t danger of dust and harmful particles entering it. Also, a space which isn’t close to commercial factories.


  • Ventilation for your Horse: It is essential to ensure that every stable is properly ventilated, that the stable has space for fresh air to pass in. Remember, Animal Health Product Manufacturers in India say that your pet horse compulsorily needs his daily dose of sunlight and therefore its exposure to sun s extremely important.


  • Lighting the Stable: Ideally, you would want the stable to lighten up with fresh natural light. Installing windows at proper places will ensure that enough air passes through your pet horse’s stable.


  • Comfortable Bedding for the horse: Always go for non-slippery floor where there is no danger of your horse hurting their joints or putting too much stress on the knee and the feet area. Also, Vet Pharma Companies in India say you should buy bedding which is soft, cool and loose.


  • Winter Warmth for them: Winters could prove to be really harsh for your pet horse and hence you should always wrap them around a warm blanket during the night time and buy the essential Indian Veterinary Products. Chilly afternoons in also mean that you do not give too much of free access to your horse to come out all the time.


  • A Well-Designed Drainage System: A good drainage system will help in cleaning up the sloppy and slippery floor mess and also avoid the problem of potential flooding in the stable. As a farm and stable owner, you also want the stable to be free from the dangerous draughts, which can be very dangerous and life-threatening for most of the breeds of horses.


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