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Let’s Know the Importance of Animal Health

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Animal health and welfare are important factors for improving the productivity of livestock, extracting income for the farmers keeping your pet animals free of diseases. For instance, a disease outbreak or certain environmental constraints can affect the production system, profitability and health of the animals as well as the humans.

There is not much known to people about animal health products and supplements market. Moreover, a majority is not aware why the animal health products are important for humans, animals and the economy.


Importance of Animal Health:

Animal health is important because bad animal health and conditions can lead to a lot of adverse implications. Moreover, animal diseases with human health implication can impact the public health, Global trade, agricultural stability and other sectors of the economy. According to animal medicine manufacturers in India, healthy animals can result in the following:

  • High productivity in the farms which includes the increased number of offspring as well
  • Lead to the safer food supply for all leading to fewer diseases and adverse effects on the consumers
  • Has significantly reduced environmental impacts
  • Leads to the reduced dependency on the use of antibiotics
  • Improve the animal well being and health leading to a better place


Contribution of Animal Health Products to the Economy:

Animal health products manufacturers in India has a major contribution to the economy of India. The estimated animal health care market in India is around 42000 Million INR. The figure was expected to be around 60000 million INR by the year 2018.

A major share of the animal health products in India is for livestock which is around 50%. Further 40% is for poultry, 5% for companion animals and the remaining 5% for the rest of the animals.

Various categories of animal health products such as feed supplements, antibacterial, hormones in biological and other categories contribute to the share. Over the years, India has experienced a shift in the business approach of animal pharmaceutical companies in India. This has led to the evolution and propulsion of animal husbandry to new heights of glory.

Various animal health product manufacturers in India aim to deliver the finest products in the market. Their efforts have played a significant role in developing sustainable ineffective health products for the animals to benefit humans as well as animals.

Whether it is your livestock poultry animals, companion animals or any other category of animals, animal health products are for all and can be beneficial for everyone. The products have been helping the animals, humans and the economy at a larger perspective.



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