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Indoor Safety for Pets

Indoor Safety for Pets

Is your home a safe place for your dear pets? A place where you can leave them alone without actually worrying about what will happen to them when you are not around. If you don’t know, simply take a look around.  Do you see any risky electrical cords or toxic plants? If yes, then you have some serious house cleanup work to do.

Here are some quick home safety tips for pets to help you discover the indoor hazards and create a friendly place for these furry four-legged creatures:

Poisonous Plants: Plants can bring that refreshing feel in the house, bring you closer to nature and also spread good vibes. According to top veterinary companies in India you have to be careful about which plants you keep in your house as some plants can prove to be extremely toxic for your pets.

Festival Decorations: We all love to decorate our houses with lights during Diwali and flowers during the harvest month of Onam, but your beautiful decoration pieces can be harmful for your pet cats and dogs.

Tips to choose pet-friendly festive decorations:

  • As soon as you open your festive gifts, immediately throw away the ribbons and wrapping papers of the gifts.
  • Bring home an extra tall Christmas tree, if that’s not possible then try and decorate it with battery-operated candles, fresh roses, rubber balls etc
  • Hide all the cable and cords under the house floor mat.

Did you know?

India Veterinary Products are considered as one of the best veterinary care products in the world.

Pesticides: Insect sprays, bug sprays, insect sprays and insect traps are something that should be kept out of reach of both children and pets.

Keep Dangerous Household Liquids Away: Remember to keep liquids like detergents, bleach and other household items out of pet’s reach.

Always Lock your Food Shelves: Certain human foods, while seemingly healthy, can be dangerous for your pets so always lock your food shelves.

Keep Your Medications Away from Pets:  They say curiosity killed the cat, well it can land up your dogs in bad situations too. Animal Pharmaceutical Companies in India say that Medications like NSAIDs, acetaminophen can prove to be very dangerous for your pets so always keep them in a safe place.

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