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Importance of Veterinary Medicine in Maintaining Animal Health

Importance of Veterinary Medicine in Maintaining Animal Health

What is Veterinary Medicine?

It is a kind of medical specialty for the prevention, control, diagnosis and cure of diseases affecting the health of domestic and wild animals. It is also concerned with preventing the transmission of animal diseases to humans. Vets monitor and up-keep the health conditions of food-producing animals. Veterinarians also make sure that the food supply through these animals is safe for the consumption by humans.


Significance of Animal Health:

Animals are responsible for producing some major food items. Those food items make our balanced diet complete and help us in living a healthy life. We are still dependent on the animal for resources like eggs, milk, meat etc. Hence, the health of the animals is indirectly related to human health. Because of the consumption of food produced from these animals can affect our health. A major part of the human population in India is into cattle rearing. They depend upon their cattle for earning their daily bread.


Keeping the importance of animal health in mind, Veterinary Medicine Company in India formulates such medicines which can treat the health condition of animals. Animal health cannot be overlooked as it indirectly affects human health too. People who are running farms have to provide their animals with all the essential nutrition, animal protein and other elements. It ensures their good health and keeps up the production of goods from these animals. There is a long list of veterinary pharmaceutical companies in India that are playing major role in animal healthcare. They are also responsible for the regular supply of quality DCGI approved products.


Know the Importance of Veterinary Medicine Companies:

  1. Maintaining Animal Health:

Veterinary medicines and care are the most crucial elements for veterinarians. It helps the farmers and pet owners in keeping their animals healthy and free of diseases. The medicines help in lowering the pain in suffering animals and therefore treat the animals for any sickness or illness.


  1. Food Safety and Public Health:

Veterinary medicines are necessary to maintain the level of food safety and its availability as well. These medicines help in minimizing or eliminating the negative effects of animal health on people’s health. Such medicines ensure the production of safe animal products – milk, meat and eggs. It also keeps harmful food-borne pathogens away from entering the human body.


  1. Boosting the production of farm supplies:

Veterinary medicines help the farming community by treating their animals in order to keep them healthy. Veterinary Feed Supplements in India ultimately lead to better farm production. This ultimately leads to better sales and increased efficiency of farming.


  1. Help in economic growth of the country:

The value of the animal health care market in India has been estimated to be around 42,000 Million INR. Livestock holds half (50%) of the animal health products market in India. Whereas 40% shares are held by poultry, 5% by companion animals and the remaining 5% for by the rest of the animals.


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