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How to Train Your Dog Easily?

How to Train Your Dog Easily

Just as we teach or communicate some basic commands to a new member of our household, similarly we have to train our new four-legged family member to behave properly. By nature, dogs are obedient and they want to please you (most of the times!) Take out some time to train him; having a well-trained dog by your side will surely make you happy.
How to train your dog?
Dogs are well-defined with social order. By training your dog regularly, you can make him understand that you are the leader and he has to follow your rules. So, check out the below easy tricks to train your dog and get ready for the fun!

• Two most important words
The first word that you need to teach him is his ‘NAME’. Call him by his name, praise him when he responds, this way he will remember his name and will respond every time you will call him. The second word he should learn is ‘NO’ means he should immediately stop whatever he is doing.

• Dog toilet training
Another important lesson is toilet training. Start toilet training when the dog is young about 3-4 months of age. If you start it later, the training duration might extend. Show your puppy the place of a toilet in the house by keeping a newspaper. Every day move that newspaper outside the home. Once your puppy gets used to the newspaper, whenever he will feel to go to the toilet, he will sit at the door. Moreover, make sure you feed your puppy on a regular mealtime and take him out in the morning after a meal and in the evening. When you are training your puppy be patient, he won’t learn instantly, so give him time.

• Simple commands
From the age of 5-6 weeks, you should start teaching basic commands to a puppy. Let other family members be a part of this process. First, start with short word commands, which your puppy can understand easily such as sit, stay, run, come, drop, down, leave it etc. Pat your dog, give treats or reward him for obeying your commands. Don’t punish him; he will relate the command to punishment.
This whole process of training your dog will definitely make your house environment happy and pleasant. Your dog wants to be with you and make you happy. So, enjoy his presence, love him and have a great time!

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