How to Prevent and Treat Nutritional Health Issues in Dogs

How to Prevent and Treat Nutritional Health Issues in Dogs

A nutritious, well-balanced diet and regular exercise are essential to keep your dog healthy and active. Dogs encounter to various health problems such as heart disease, arthritis and obesity due to the unbalanced diet. Here, we are listing out some of the common health issues that can cause because of nutrition deficiency. Start taking efforts towards feeding nutritionally balanced diet to your pooch and keep him away from the diseases.

What are the Common Nutritional Health Concerns for Dogs?
• Anorexia and weight loss
• Poor growth
• Vomiting and constipation
• Arthritis
• Rough Skin and hair fall
• Blindness

As PREVENTION is always better than CURE, early symptoms of malnutrition are helpful in diagnosis.

Symptoms of Nutritional Deficiency
• Body condition – Emaciation or obesity
• Skin and coat – Dull, dry coat, skin problems such as flaking skin, itching, redness, sores
• Teeth – Bad breath, red swollen gums, plaque build-up on teeth, slimy mouth or missing teeth
• Poop problems – Pooping too frequently, constipation, anal gland problems, diarrhoea, extra-large poops, and foul smelling poops
• Growing problems – Structure and bone problems, torn ligaments, lack of muscle tone
• Poor immunity – Allergies, food intolerances
• Behavioural problems – Such as eating inappropriate objects, eating fences, anxiety, mood swings and unexplained aggression, being unable to learn, and hyperactivity

How to Prevent a Nutritional Deficiency?
• Providing adequate animal protein through homemade food
• Try to provide as less cooked food as possible as cooking destroys many nutrients
• Provide balanced dog food, take care of rotation

What are the Causes of Nutritional Deficiency in Dogs?
• Feeding vegetarian food as parents are vegetarian
• Tendency to feed the same food like human, though the nutritional requirement is different
• Tendency to feed cooked food like human
• Lack of awareness and knowledge to pick the right food for the pet

What is the Perfect Time to Prescribe Feeding Supplement?
• Almost 100% of cases, where the pet is not fed with animal protein
• When the pet is not fed with dog food
• When the dog does not have enough exercise
• When an obese dog is put on a diet control

What to Look for In a Feed Supplement Before Prescribing?
• It contains all essential ingredients the pet’s diet is missing
• It does not contain any ingredient, the pet is allergic of
• It does not contain any ingredient, which may cause toxicity
• It is easily administrable
• And most importantly, it must be PALATABLE
It contains all the nutrients that your pet needs.
At ALS, considering all these factors, we have developed “NUTRIPOWER”

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