Feeding your Pet Horse the Right Nutrition

Feeding your Pet Horse the Right Nutrition

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Horses have very specific dietary needs, they are herbivorous and have a unique digestive track, very different from other animals.

Horses compulsorily need a balanced diet to fix all their digestive issues and also help them survive for a nice long period of time. Horses have a long digestive system and they compulsorily need a proper high-fiber diet to help them keep going for many days. Being herbivorous in nature, a horse’s body is made in a way that it can graze 12 hours a day on low protein, low calorie and high fiber Indian Veterinary Products.

In addition to feeding good nutrition, you should also read up tips about taking care of your pet horse.

Benefits of High-Fiber Diet, Low Starch Diet for Horses:

Grass, hay and haylage are the three main high fiber food items that horses graze on, these items are extremely important for their herbivorous digestive system. High fiber foods provide good levels of slow release of energy, heat and calorie as the food is fermented directly in the horse’s body.

In addition to the above mentioned items, you should also feed them special maize, oats and barley manufactured by Veterinary Companies in India, these warm heaty food items are perfect for your pet horses in the winter season. All these food items contain starch which immensely help in releasing slow energy. Starch is good for their bodies, but should definitely not be fed in excessive quantities because at the end of the day it is a carbohydrate and horses do not require too much carbs in their lean bodies.

Feed Supplements for Horses:

Feed supplements form an integral part of their diet, Veterinary Feed Supplements in India are anything that are fed in addition to their natural diet. These supplements are a good source of energy, strength and also add to their body agility.

Occasional Treats for Them:

The same routine food every single leads to a feeling of monotony among humans and that’s the reason they occasionally binge on sweets and try eating different food items, your pets too deserve treats that will improve their taste palate and also make them feel happy and chirpy.


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