Why is Veterinary Bolus Important for Cattle Health?

Why is Veterinary Bolus important for Animal Health

Cattle health is a priority if you own a farm or you are into animal husbandry. Cattles like cow, sheep, goat, camel, buffalo, bison, etc. are often termed as ruminants due to their even-toed, four-legged, hoofed nature that eats grass and plants only. Ruminants have 4 separate stomachs – 3 pre-stomach pockets (the rumen, the reticulum & the omasum) and 1 true stomach (abomasum).

Basically, plants or grass eaten by the cattle is processed in the pre-stomach before it can be broken down and absorbed by the true stomach. The three pre-stomach pockets combined act as a continuous fermentor. The rumen is the pocket where bacterias grow, breaking down food components chemically to produce essential nutrients. These nutrients in the form of volatile fatty acids stimulate energy that is absorbed by the rumen and transferred to the rest of the digestive system via common linkage.

Food in the form of suspended particles is carried further to the omasum where it is filtered. This enables small particles to pass through. This pocket also enables drying out the digestive compounds before it reaches the true stomach. The food compounds from one pre-stomach to true-stomach is termed as bolus.

On a similar note, veterinary bolus (a type of medicine for cattle) is designed in the same shape. As cattles are often prone to basic illness and parasitic disorders, such medicines are recommended to maintain the immunity levels of cattle health. Now that there is a global threat of coronavirus that can also affect animals, just like humans, it’s time that we keep a check on their immunity as well. Several veterinary bolus manufacturers in India produce boluses that contain appropriate amounts of nutrients suitable as per cattle health.

When consumed by farm animals, veterinary bolus fall on the bottom of their rumen and stay there, providing necessary nutrients to their bodies for a long period. They are usually composed in a structure that is convenient to their digestive tract. These medicines are anti-parasitic, antibacterial that ensure good health of their kidneys as well. For long-lasting effectiveness, the veterinary medicine company in India manufactures bolus that contain high valued herbs, ingredients and essential vitamins that are timely released to a ruminant’s system for upto 24 months. Such nutrients help them cope up at the time of high health risks.

One of the major benefits of veterinary bolus is to improve digestion and enable impactful treatment. Other benefits include the following –

  • Normalize and maintain the body’s pH level
  • Breakdown complex compounds like carbohydrates into glucose
  • Detox the harmful toxins present in the rumen
  • Elevate the number of microflora in the rumen
  • Release essential enzymes that can ease the digestion process


Often veterinary drug manufacturers in India produce bolus that have components that support the animal’s physiological function especially through a specific time like maturity, birth, milk production, illness and so on. Since they dissolve within days or months after consumption, it is necessary that you keep track of its dosage, especially during such times and basic need of medical care.



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