Tips and Tricks for Getting Pets to Take Their Medicine

Tips and Tricks for Getting Pets to Take Their Medicine

An ill pet is tough to handle, especially when it’s about getting them to take pills. None of us like the taste of pills, then how your dog or cat would either? But, somewhere we know it is essential to take them, either to fight against an infection or to build stronger bones and muscles or just for deworming your furry little. More importantly, they must be taken timely to improve their health.


So, if you are still worried about how to convince your pet to take their meds, these are some tips that veterinary medicine company in India suggests –


1.    Hide them in a sausage


The easiest way could be hiding a pill is into sausages. Eating in delight, your pet would never know when it just had the meds it was resisting. But, if by chance they do know, you have to be careful and use other ways to trick them into taking medicines. Otherwise, they will definitely doubt you while you feed them a sausage treat.


2.    Mix it in their milk treat


Plain milk or flavoured milk must be your pets’ favourite. So why don’t you mix the tablet or powdered supplement in the milk? The sweetened milk would surely fade away the bitter taste and the awkward smell of the meds. You would also find Indian veterinary products in the market that have flavours your pets are going to love. So that is a win win!


3.    Add it to their daily meal


One of the most practiced ways that vets suggest pet owners is to add dietary supplements, liquid or powdered meds to your pets’ ordinary meal. Be it a bowl full of biscuits or a pet-specific food, adding meds to it would blend in with the taste and save you the trouble of forcing them to eat. Once they get used to the taste even if there is a slight bit of it, they won’t notice what they are having. This makes adding daily supplements to pet food easy.


4.    Cover it with chocolate


Dogs and cats are a huge fan of chocolate. If you are baking them a chocolate biscuit or making them a chocolate candy, let’s try adding the liquid or powdered drug their vet asked for. For pills we can just cover it with chocolates and give them one per day. Isn’t that an awesome way? Well, to make it simple for you, check with veterinary drug manufacturers in India

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