Signs of Joint Issues in Cats and Dogs

Signs of Joint Issues in Cats and Dogs

Pets love to play, jump and dance more often. The sign of a healthy pet can be seen in the way it behaves and plays. Keeping a constant observation can help you know if they are well. Alike humans that acquire diseases due to their improper lifestyle, pets too tend to fall sick due to lack of nutrients or any other bodily factors. Many pets are subjected to joints issues in their growing age, and you must know how to tackle it.


Here are few signs that can tell you if your cat or dog has joint issues:


1. Suddenly Limping


If you observe your paw friend limping despite no injury, it may indicate a joint issue. Cats that are known to jump from higher heights easily, if falls more often while doing so, it can be a sign that it has weakened its joints. Similarly, if dogs lag behind or find it difficult to walk, climb or more importantly jump, it clearly indicates there is something wrong with its joints. In order to strengthen their joints, vet pharma companies in India manufacture and recommend calcium-based supplements to pets. These contain appropriate quantities of calcium and other useful nutrients well-suited to the type of pet you own.


2. Difficulty Moving


You might have observed your pets love rolling on the floor while they play. Although if you observe them struggling while they move, the possibility of having joint issues is more likely. One of the major reasons for joint issues in pets can be arthritis. However, consulting a vet to ensure the potential health issue is always important. If movement difficulty in your pet, do visit a vet immediately before it causes further damage to their health.


3. Constant Fatigue


What if you see your paw-mate constantly sleeping or inactive more often? Concerning isn’t it? Especially if your dog is tired easily after walks even though it isn’t aged or if it gets tired easily now than before. Such conditions point towards a bone joint issue. Also, they might be under pain. Therefore, veterinary medicine company in India are known to produce generic vet medicines that build-up the bones and muscles of your pet. Such medicines also help your pet fight against various joint-related issues as they grow. Although, before giving them to your pet daily, ensure you get them evaluated from your vet.


4. Repetitive Grooming


If you see your dog or cat repetitively scratching, chewing or licking their limbs or other body parts, it can be due to two reasons pain or infection. If there is no skin infection observe, the likelihood of having arthritis or joint problems is more. Although, in the case of arthritis it may further result in skin inflammation and hair loss. Hence, if you observe excessive grooming of your pets, take them for a complete check-up.


5. Weight loss


When dogs or cats eat well but yet undergo a weight loss, it shows that they are physically unwell. Weight loss or muscle loss is one of the symptoms of joint disorders. However, to avoid the chances of health disorders, joint issues, skin issues or more, you must ensure your pets are fed with proper minerals and vitamins they need. Reach out to veterinary products manufacturers in India to learn the best feed additives that are vital for your pets apart from daily food. This will for sure help their body grow in proper shape, size and weight and prevent them from seasonal to common illness, and essentially help them live a healthy life.

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