Monthly Dog Hygiene To-Do Checklist

Monthly Dog Hygiene To-Do Checklist

How relaxing and beautiful is it when your dog jumps all over you after you return from a difficult day at work? It is adorable and much heart-warming to have a dog as a pet! They love you unconditionally. The furry pets are just like your family members who are an inseparable part of your life.


Routine health check-ups and vaccinations however are not enough to keep a tab on your furry friend’s health. However, it is also your responsibility as a dog parent to understand and implement hygienic habits to keep the dog healthy and disease-free. These simple yet significant habits will not only keep your pooch happy and healthy but also considerably reduce their trip to the vet’s!


Here is a handy checklist to help keep a tab on your dog’s hygiene:


  • The dog’s dental hygiene matters!


Do not ever, brush your pooch’s teeth with the same toothpaste you use for yourself. Not even as a substitute when his toothpaste is over or you’ve been too busy to visit your dog store. Do your furry friend a favour and consult from the many veterinary drug manufacturers in India for buying the most suitable dental products for using.


  • Move it, move it!


You need daily workouts, and so does your dog. Consult with their vet and plan out a daily exercise schedule for the dog. That can include swimming, running, climbing up and down the stairs or simply playing fetch with them! The quantum of exercise completely depends on the age of the dog and how much they can withstand. You can also join online communities and forums to make their workouts interesting by finding out about what pet parents from other countries do.


  • Health supplements


Dogs also need vitamins, probiotics, antioxidants, and related supplements. You will always find a variety of veterinary feed supplements in India to give to your dog. They are available with the veterinarian, pet stores or even online stores of animal medicine manufacturers in India. Their formulations and their trade names would only differ. Know and understand their formulations, dosage, storage instructions and the expiry date while purchasing it.


  • Trick or treat!


Medications come in the form of tablets that can be chewed or in liquid form to be taken with water. They can be sourced from veterinary drug manufacturers in India. However, their dosage should be consulted only with the help of a visit to your vet. You can put medications into their treats or mix those in their food in the crushed form. If it is liquid, then simply mix it with a cup of water and make them drink it.


  • Grooming your furry friends!


Your four-legged friends may detest water, but that is no excuse to keep them away from the bath. You need to make the bathing routine at least a weekly affair. That will keep their coat and bodies free from ticks and worms residing inside. Also, their nails should be kept small to prevent them from scratching any surface too wildly and harming themselves in doing so.


  • Keep its kennel clean.


Do not forget to disinfect your dog’s kennel periodically with detergent and medicine.

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