Keeping Your Pet Healthy During COVID-19 – A Guide for Pet Owners

Keeping Your Pet Healthy During COVID-19 - A Guide for Pet Owners

Health care professionals and health officials around the world are toiling day and night to fight the obstinate coronavirus disease, known by most as COVID-19. In all the mêlée to combat the disease and uncover a cure to eliminate the virus from its roots, a lot of people with pets are finding it difficult to properly take care of their furry friends – same with owners of domesticated and farm animals.


In such a scenario, we, as the leading manufacturers of veterinary feed supplements in India and many other veterinary products are obliged to provide pet owners and the veterinary community at large with the latest, factual information and resources to help them perform essential duties during the outbreak of this pandemic.


From taking care of pets, horses, cattle – including indoor safety for pets – we’ll enlighten you on the essential actions you need to perform in order to protect the health of both, humans as well as animals. Following information will facilitate pet owners and the veterinary community in meeting the challenges laid bare by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Apparently, domestic pets such as cats and dogs are not readily infected with COVID-19. There is no evidence to suggest that they can become ill due to the virus. There’s also no proven confirmation that the animals naturally infected with the virus can pass it on to other animals or people. Still, out of caution, and until we get more clarity about the virus, if you or someone you know is down with coronavirus, it’s better to keep their distance with their pets or other animals.


Let the ones who are not infected handle the animals, care for them and feed them.


If you possess a service animal or any other animal you are designated to care, and you have no other option, ensure their safety by wearing a face mask, avoid petting, kissing or hugging them or sharing food with them. As a responsible pet owner, you must prepare yourself in advance. Having an emergency kit with a minimum 15 to 20 days worth of animal food supplies along with their essential medications is a must.


It might seem a little exaggerated, but having all these prepared beforehand becomes essential if you’re suddenly required to quarantine or self isolate with no chance of leaving the house. The animals that get sick or get injured due to some or the other reason must receive veterinary care at the earliest. Although, it is best advised that the pet owner or the caretaker of that animal contacts the veterinarian over the phone first to assess whether a visit is absolutely required or not.


If the visit to the vet is not required, the pet owner or caretaker can medicate the ailing animal. The vet pharma companies in India are known to produce supremely efficient veterinary medicines to cure such ailing creatures, and bring them back up to their four feet in no time. This pandemic has brought the human race together and has made us sensitive towards each other’s predicament; let us use also care for our animals with such sensitivity as they need us the most, like never before.



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