How to Take Care of Pets During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

Take Care of Pets During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

The alarming state of the pandemic demands one to be confined to a house. The animals also stand in the need to stay indoors which can affect their physical and mental health to a certain extent. Amidst the pandemic, it is equally important to take care of your pet’s health as it is of yours.

While you stay at home, your pet also has to be tucked in for their safety. This can affect their daily routine and ultimately their physical and mental health. Your pets, especially dogs, need some physical excursion and social interactions which have been limited nowadays.

We furnish a string of activities and tips for indoor safety for pets which you can adhere to and keep up with your pet’s health. Make their physical well-being sustain and mental health accelerate with these in this alarming state.

  1. Pet-care supply

Amidst the pandemic, ensure that you have the access to adequate pet food, medicines, supplements and other pet care products. This is necessary to keep up with the health of your pets, maintain their immunity levels and safeguard them from any disease. Stock enough veterinary feed supplements in India to last for at least two to four weeks.

  1. Play and exercise

Physical exercises are important for your pet animals. Take out time for paying with them daily. It would ensure their required daily physical movement and maintain interaction. Various games can be played with your pets at home like throwing and retrieving a ball or toy, hide n seek and more.

  1. Training and education

Although, you cannot take your pets out for a walk or let them play in the garden instead you can work on their training. With the positive training approach, make your pets learn and identify instructions. Encourage the right behaviour and develop a bond with your buddy while you are at home.

  1. Hygiene

To be safe from the pandemic, hygiene is crucial for both you and your pet animal. Maintaining proper hygiene would ensure safety from any form of diseases. Give them a bath daily and keep their surroundings clean. Clean up their faeces and urine with water and detergent and ensure clean and disinfected surroundings for all.

  1. Schedule

Just like you, your pets have been living in a routine until now. Develop a daily schedule for them to comply with the living structure nowadays. This would ensure that your pets do not find their routines disrupted and uncomfortable with the immediate change. Various vet pharma companies in India suggests this to a great move in keeping them healthy and sound.



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