Does My Cat Need a Supplement?

Does My Cat Need a Supplement

Nutrition is important for all, even for your pets. Feeding your cats with cat food will surely boost their bodily functions, but will not be sufficient enough to give their body the essential nutrients they need. Right from special feed supplements to multivitamins and minerals, a cat’s body requires them in essential quantities. This not just keeps them healthy but keeps their body immune from seasonal infections or potential illness.


Although, many pet foods come with a tag saying a ‘balanced diet,’ however, checking their nutrient value is most beneficial to meet the health requirements of your pets. Based on your pets’ physiology, most animal health products manufacturers in India produce commercial pet foods that consist of necessary nutrients or supplements that can be an add-on to their daily meal. You can choose either of the two or even both as per your pet’s likes or dislikes.


While we have a variety of food items to eat, cats eat the same food almost every day. But, not every pet food manufactures produce nutritionally balanced cat food as per the quantity they require, especially under different circumstances like age or breed. Hence, while choosing a diet for your cat or kitten you must be aware of the quantity of vitamins & minerals they require for better growth. This is why adding supplements to raw food is always a better choice. On the contrary, you can also evaluate the best-balanced cat food for your fur friend.


The best veterinary products manufacturers in India formulate supplements by observing the lifestyle & life stage of the cats they market. This is why, feed supplements for kitten have vitamins & minerals in a considerably lesser but sufficient amount, helping them grow and develop well. And, giving them to adult cats will be inappropriate. One such example of dietary supplements includes omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil that prevents them from skin inflammation or joint issues.


Before you select a suitable feed supplement for your fur friend, it is important that you choose an ideal diet that goes with their health. You can have a discussion with the vet to know what type of food helps your cat gain proper weight, build strength and get proteins that they necessitate. Having a discussion will ensure that there are no complications regarding certain food item or even the health supplement you are feeding your kitty. Also, going with a health supplement that is high on nutrition means adding more to the daily food that is already rich on proteins & minerals. Again, remember keeping both cat-meal & supplements balanced, so there isn’t a heavy consumption. Doing so may be harmful and even toxic. Hence, allow your veterinarian to help you here for complete care.


In the meanwhile, your vet can also help you know whether your adult feline is subject to any disease or health conditions. In a few cases, vets suggest animal health products that are preventive against certain medical problems seen commonly amongst cats. If a health condition is likely to develop, your vet might recommend you certain veterinary feed supplements in India that best suits as per the necessity. Ensuring these aspects about your beloved feline can help them live a longer, healthier and better life.

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