Cold Weather and Arthritis in Dogs: A Pet Owner Guide

Cold Weather and Arthritis in Dogs: A Pet Owner Guide

Winter is here! And, each one of us must be quite familiar with joint pains due to the cold winter. Pets suffer the same way especially the older ones. Ageing dogs are more susceptible to such chilled weather as it sniffs out several underlying health issues in them. Arthritis can be one of them that makes their joints pain and keeps them frequently inactive despite a little jump or play.


Understanding Arthritis in Dogs


Arthritis is an inflammatory condition of the joints. It can be caused due to previous trauma, low calcium levels, degenerative diseases, past or on-going infectious conditions or developmental disorders. Most dogs suffer from arthritis due to ageing wherein the chances of acquiring such health issues is extremely high due to low immunity. However, arthritis can also be seen in dogs of any age group.


Due to extremely cold weather, winter lets you observe such symptoms in dogs quite commonly. As a precautionary measure, veterinary injection manufacturers in India suggests that you offer boosters to your dogs in advance. This will provide them with better lubrication, proper circulation of blood and improve fluid production for joints while they perform any regular activities.


Look for These Symptoms


Sometimes your paw friend is unwell, but it goes unnoticed because it isn’t quite visible to you. But, take a close look and observe their daily movements to check if they need help. If you are unaware of whether or not your dog suffers from arthritis, the following symptoms can help you understand it better:

  • Difficulty walking to continuous limping
  • Slowing down while standing, or sitting
  • Feeling extremely tired in the morning, right after waking up
  • Resisting and having a sense of cautiousness while climbing or going down the stairs
  • Unwilling to jump often, rollover on the bed or floor


Consult a vet immediately to confirm whether they need treatment before the disease makes it worse & painful for them to move around. If diagnosed with arthritis, you can check with veterinary product manufacturers in India for effective medicines and products that can improve their overall health.


Healthcare Tips for Dogs with Arthritis


  1. Follow the course of medication prescribed by your vet:

    All medications prescribed by a veterinary doctor must be given to your vet from time to time. If they cause side effects, consult your doctor right away.


  1. Cartilage injection:

    A series of cartilage injection is necessary as it effectively builds up the damaged cartilages around the joints. They are also responsible to decrease the proportion of enzymes produced by their systems that leads to degenerative tissues. Do not miss these, as they are quite supportive of arthritis treatment.


  1. Therapeutic approach:

    To avoid excess problems from cold weather, used heat therapy to keep them warm. You can look for heating pads in the market that are designed especially for pets like dogs & cats. Also, there are velcro straps joint pet-friendly belts available that can offer them quite a comfort. Ask your vet to recommend the well-suited approach for your fur friend according to the severity of their health condition.


  1. Health Supplements:

    Health supplements are always towards your dogs’ daily growth & development. For arthritis especially against winter, health supplements, not just sources essential minerals to their damaged joints but also regulates their body temperature according to the changing environment. This makes their body fight against seasonal illness easily. Lookout for veterinary feed supplements in India, that can be used as an additive to their daily meal.


  1. Alternative Medicine:

    Alike humans, dogs’ health too can show better results with alternative medicines. More likely, acupuncture is a good option to go with for better results. It is useful in reducing pain and elevating release of endorphin in pets with arthritis.


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