Animal Health & Safety and the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

Animal Health & Safety and the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

We all love our companion animals. Alongside that, we do everything to ensure their health and safety. We consider them as a family member and their well-being is always our prime concern. Therefore, amidst this COVID-19 pandemic, the pet owners amongst us are really concerned about them contracting and spreading the virus.


There have been numerous social media posts and stories published recently that suggest pet owners disown their pets. The news of tigers, dogs, cats and other animals getting infected has been adding fuel to the fire. Although this is wrong, the misinformation has been spreading like a forest fire.


With the help of experts, we studied the effects of the virus on animals and the risk they pose.

Importance of animal health is crucial during the virus spread. We have decoded how you can keep your companions healthy and safe.

  • Keep them happy and entertained

Happiness is the key to well-being not only in humans but animals as well. There has been no evidence of animals contradicting or spreading the virus to date. Avoiding contact or playing with them could make them feel lonely. This affects their mental health, followed by their physical well-being.

Moreover, playing and spending time with them would make you feel happy as well. As you cannot go out for a walk, find something to play at home. Make a separate play area and keep your pets involved.


  • Take certain precautions

Although there is no evidence of animals spreading the virus, there is nothing to prove that they cannot. Ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of the animals along with the surroundings. Avoid contacting with them if you feel sick or unwell to keep them safe. Ensure proper indoor safety for pets in every way you can.


For instance, if you go out, never touch your pet before you have washed your hands. Sanitize yourself before you meet your furry friends. Also, you should consider washing your hands after handling them.


  • Stock of food and supplements

It is important to make your pets follow the diet they have been following. It would be wise to stock up on food and supplements for them for a couple of weeks. We do not encourage overbuying but keeping the required amount is a smart move. You can get the best veterinary feed supplements in India and ensure that your pet remains in the pink of health throughout this phase.


The importance of Veterinary Medicine has also escalated owing to the benefits they possess. Ensure that you have some medicines available for any adverse situation you might face.


Being at home, try not to avoid contacting with your companion pets, unless the situation demands. There routine has been disturbed, as now they are used to seeing you home all the time. Keep your pets indoors and do not let them sneak out, even to the road in front of your house. Stay safe and keep them healthy and safe as well.



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