Animal Health Products – Treating the Livestock

Animal Health Products - Treating the Livestock

Livestock are basically domestic animals raised in agricultural farms for production of labour and an essential source of milk, eggs, meat, leather, fur and wool. As they are very helpful in farming as well as provide nutritious products, keeping them healthy is a responsibility. Right from birth to potency, breeding and above, it is important to feed them with certain animal health products to sustain healthy development.


While some products might act as a supplement to improve their physical growth, bone strength, etc. a few others can help them in preventing illness. Let’s learn about them and how they can benefit farm animals.

List of veterinary products:

  • Vaccines
  • Worm Medicine
  • Parasiticides
  • Antibiotics
  • Feed Supplements
  • Medicated Feed
  • Hormones
  • Vitamins
  • Water soluble medicines
  • Antimicrobials
  • Alternate health products


The range of the above mentioned products offers farm animals medical benefits such as prevention from infectious conditions, control on onset disease, treat active infection or microbial action; especially in the highly susceptible times. Some of the others help in enhancement and maintenance of hormones, promote growth, and boost feed efficiency. With the rapidly changing climatic conditions, animal health manufacturers in India ensure that such medicines shield them against harmful pathogens.


Role of Veterinary Products:

Veterinary products like antibiotics play an important role in the animal husbandry sector where livestock are raised. They are primarily used for varied reasons. Firstly, they are therapeutically used to treat cattle from an existing disease or health disorder. Secondly, they can be utilized prophylactically, meaning to protect them against a potential disease. For example, vaccines or specific drugs are given to animals to defend a harmful medical condition. Thirdly, some are subtherapeutic, which is to enhance production. These might include growth stimulators, hormone boosters, immunity builders, mineral-based feed supplements and many others.


When to Use:

Therapeutic usage occurs post diagnosis of a disease, where treatment is essential. To pass clear instructions on usage/dosage, veterinary products manufacturers in India provide drug-label instructions that are a must-follow. Prophylactic doses can be given to animals when they are under high-stress situations. The same is applicable when they are sensitive to the climatic conditions especially in a pathogen-prone environment. Likewise, subtherapeutic dosage can remain a part of their daily feed routine to build up their immunity against any critical illness. This also gives their body the useful nutrients that can enhance the quality of dairy production and eggs.


Benefits of Health Products:

Health products stimulate growth and production of farm animals. Here is how they are beneficial for your livestock to:

  • Maintain a check on several biochemical events happening in the bodies of cattles based on their individual physiology
  • Balance nitrogen excretion
  • Improve efficiency of cellular respiration
  • Stimulate protein synthesis mechanism
  • Enhance qualitative & maintain quantitative metabolism
  • Generate essential vitamins & cofactors interstitial microbials to make necessary nutrients
  • Decrease gut mass
  • Increase absorption of nutrients in the intestine
  • Keeping intact energy storage
  • Improve efficiency of nutrients useful in productive functions
  • Eliminate and/or inhibit growth of pathogenic microorganisms


The goal here is to maintain animals from disease, injury or potential malfunctions due to lack of vitamins & minerals. This is why animal medicine manufacturers in India assure buyers that only healthy livestock enter the food chain and can be profitable to the animal husbandry industry.

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